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Hair Topic: Tresses suffering from the winter blues

Nobody likes their hair to look distressed and in desperate need of some TLC. I probably hate the winter season more than most people. Don't get me wrong, the snow is pretty- from the comfort inside my toasty warm home. The thing I hate most about winter though is how it just sucks the moisture out of everything. Is your hair feeling more like that straw you feed to farm animals than the silky softness of egyptian cotton sheets you dream of? I can completely relate to that and I promise I have a solution to get your hair back to that high thread count softness! There is this amazing bonding treatment and conditoning treatment we have at my salon that you can add for weeks of softness just for $15-$30. Sometimes the healthy trim just doesn't cut it and your hair just needs a little more help to get that oomph back.

Below are a couple of before and after photos when I used Olaplex on two clients for the first time during their color process. As you can see, a dramatic difference in the integrity of the hair and more volume and shine added back into their hair. The hair loks and feels so much healthier.

At Salon 77, we offter a few different conditioning treatments by Alfaparf Milano. We also offer Olaplex as a treatment to be used during and following a color treatment. If you want to experience your hair at it's absolute best I would suggest one of these treatments today, I promise you won't be disappointed!

I hope this helps answer some hair concerns! Have any other beauty concerns or topics you would like me to address? Join the discussion or email me at:

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