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Valentine's Day: Don't Stress Date Night This Weekend

It’s that time of year again - Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Today’s post is about making date-night fun and stress-free. It's good to have a plan set up a couple of nights before so you are not leaving everything until the last possible minute (like yours truly - I’m working on it, I swear!). Who doesn’t love a few extra minute to really perfect their look?. Making a game plan and sticking to it has been my saving grace to keep from feeling like I'm a chicken running around with its head cut off.

The two or three days before going out on your date are important for making sure your skin is at its best come date night; here are some of my favorite tips:

1.) Try a detox max or peel to pull all the impurities and gunk out of skin and leave it feeling fresh and clean. Bee Honey has a great honey peel you can buy, but there are also tons of DIY options for masks that you can make from ingredients in your home! Try Pinterest for ideas.

2.) Get any facial waxing/threading done so you won't have to worry about redness - you’ll also avoid having to deal with any little red bumps on date night.

3.) Invest in a lip exfoliant so you have perfectly kissable lips. My favorite is the Mint Julips by Lush Cosmetics. It tastes just like mint chocolate and it leaves my lips supple and soft. The lip exfoliant is a great option if you like to wear matte lipsticks because it helps them to glide on smoother. You could also make a DIY lip exfoliant with sugar and coconut oil, and always make sure you follow the exfoliant with your favorite balm.

4.) Manicure time! If you think there is a chance your honey may be proposing, make sure your hand is ring-selfie ready. Do a quick at home manicure or go to a nail salon to get your hands in tip-top shape. My go-to place in my town (Worcester) is TnT nails in West Boylston. They do a fantastic job every time and they even have an instagram so you can check out all the awesome designs they do! If all else fails, moisturizing with your favorite hand cream will do the trick for a quick cell phone pic.

The Night before your date is also a good day to focus on some self-pampering:

1.) Make sure you’re well-rested - or at least look the part! Pick up an eye cream (use it before bed) or opt to use things from home. Coconut or vitamin e oil are great to help minimize dark circles or puffiness. You can also use tea bags - green, black or mint are best - as eye masks while they are still warm. Try them before bed for a spa-like relaxation experience. For extra help with puffiness, pop the tea bags in the fridge when you're done with them and use them before your morning facial routine.

2.) Wash your hair the night before, since second-day hair is always easier to work with. If you’re getting a pro blow-out or updo, there’s no need to worry about your hair - your stylist will do that for you!

Date day is here! Here are a few last things to remember and a list of purse must-haves:

1.) Make sure to exfoliate your skin before shaving. It removes any dead skin and helps you achieve a closer shave with fewer nicks and bumps. Don't forget to exfoliate your lips again too.

2.) Moisturizing your skin post exfoliating is very important to keep that silky softness. Use your favorite cream, lotion, or body oil. If you’re looking for something new, The Body Shop offers delicious body butters, and Bath & Body Works has their ultra shea body cream. Aveeo has a lovely and simple daily moisturizer and a sesame bath oil.

Purse must-have's check off list

[ ] Mints

[ ] Chapstick/Lipgloss/Lipstick

[ ] Small roller perfume or travel size body spray

[ ] Hand cream ( Soft hands all night, any tough fly aways tamed in a pinch )

[ ] Bobby pins ( 3-5 in case your hair isn't staying put)

[ ] Blotting papers ( Take off any oil without ruining your makeup ) Clean & Clear has a couple different options

[ ] Small compact mirrors

[ ] Concealer ( Any last minute touch ups )

[ ] Finishing powder with small kubuki brush

Makeup tips:

- Use lipliner with finishing powder on the inside of your lips to keep full lipstick coverage

- Go with a lipstain or matte lipstick if you're worried about smudging.

- Chapstick will come in handy to keep your lips soft if you opted for the lipstain.

I hope these tips help take some stress off of your date this weekend! While this post was made with Valentine's Day in mind, these tips can be used on any date night. If you have any other suggestions or tips feel free to share in the comments, or send me an email for more topic ideas at Thanks for checking in today! Hope you all have a stress-free Valentine's Day this weekend.

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