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Top Hairstyles For Prom This Year

Prom Season is upon us and I want you to have the perfect hair for your big night. You have enough to worry about with the dress, corsages and accessories, I don't want you to stress over what hairstyle will work great for you. You don't necessarily need to do an updo, especially for ladies with shorter hair! I would say if you have longer hair though, you'll probably be most comfortable with your hair up while you're on the dancefloor. For my junior prom I did all curls with it pinned half-up half-down. For my senior prom I opted for a braid starting on the side of my head and going back into curls so it was a one shoulder style. I will be posting pictures of my favorite styles and styles that are in for this year! My salon is already booking up for prom hair appointments ( makeup too!).

These are a few beautiful updo's I have done for proms and weddings. A lot of prom hairstyles are inspired by wedding hair that are featured online or in magazines.

The stylist's that I work with at Salon 77 do amazing work with prom hair, here are some images of their work. For even more work by the salon, check out our gallery on the website or find us on Facebook, Salon 77.

Now here are some favorite styles I found through google images, pintrest and instagram. There are millions, but these are a few I found especially gorgeous for people with different hair lengths and textures.

Thank you so much for checking out this week's blog post dedicated to Prom! What was your favorite look? Do you have any looks you think are great as well? Comment below or email me at to join the discussion.

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